Monday, April 26, 2021


I did visit the Twelvetrees Industrial Park few years ago and did a post of my walk then. Not that the landscape is of the most inspiring but I could notice in the last year that there was a lot of movement. I thought it was worth to explore once more. I left the DLR at Star Lane station and tried to find my way through the layout. I decided I would not visit the Electra Business Park (blue) as it didn't seem to have changed much from my previous visit. Instead I tried to investigate every corner or the newer section. Unfortunately my motivations were cut short as the Europa Park Industrial Estate (purple) is private. I also decided not pay too much attention to the more modern section were Sainsbury's, Amazon and Bywaters are (green) The middle part of the Twelvetrees Park remains pretty much the same as I left it. It's a bit dull to capture. My first point of interest was this building site cornered between West Ham station (Jubilee line-East), (District line-North), Gas Works (West) and Stagecoach Garage (South) It is quite vast and is obviously ideally located. But I was surprised to discover an even greater building site on the other side of the river Lea by Aberfeldy Village across Bow Creek.

As I am writing this post and as I am trying to get the different names right I come across this Tower Hamlets document that explains the Leaway footpath which I was totally unaware about. I did come across some installations in the past by Three Mills but little was I aware that a series of 15 contemporary sculptures were to be displayed from the Lea's mouth. So, I think it would be helpful if I put a link here if you wish to read the proposal from Tower Hamlets 

The highlight of that walk was the discovery of the new Cody Dock. I love what they did of the place. A new trendy relaxed atmosphere work/live venue within the industrial estate with stunning views across the river (not for long though) I walked all the way to Three Mills and finished it as the path meets the A11 in Stratford opposite the new Greenway section leading to the new West Ham station. To conclude I want to attach a couple of links. As I was fishing for more info about the area I came across this website and it will give you an idea of what is about to be built by West Ham station

and another one for Aberfeldy Village


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