Tuesday, March 29, 2022


I have been trying in the last year to find some platform to celebrate and exhibit 10 years of Photography in the East End. I have had a potential offer from the Tower Hamlet Archives but I didn't dig that option further for various reasons. I was also in touch with a very nice curator at the Museum of London but the Museum being in the midst of a transition with new facilities by the Smithfield Market didn't make it easy. And obviously on top of all that we had the Covid situation back then. 

2022 seems different so let's cross our fingers and try new applications.

I just received some feedback from the Queen Elizabeth Park which makes me smile,...

Dear David


Thank you for the email. Our venues are busy this year and we have not scheduled any public space for photography exhibitions on the Park. However if you do go ahead with an exhibition in the area please drop us a line and we can see if it is appropriate to promote across any of our channels.


All the best,



Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park: a dynamic new metropolitan centre for London

For more information please visit www.QueenElizabethOlympicPark.co.uk

Thursday, March 17, 2022


Yellow: area regenerated with Olympics
Blue: brand new constructions
Red: areas to be flattened with building plans
Pink: areas under construction
Light green: areas on hold with current initiatives but most likely to disappear
Deep green: area/building in limbo most likely to be regenerated

Beautiful Spring day out. Walking a loop from All Saints DLR station to Langdon Park station. Western part of the A12 is quite dense, mix of old/semi old architectures with arrival of brand new developments (usual middle-rise bricks cardboard look like) One iconic part of the brutalist Robin Hood estate is still standing but not for long. 

Naval Row is an interesting part of Poplar. Almost standing above the Blackwall Tunnel, squeezed between the A1261 and the University of West of Scotland, it transports you not only into a standardised vision of the East End but most importantly it takes you back in time. This whole area will disappeared very soon.

The University Campus is merged with the Telehouse London Data Centre. Very strange area, mix of students, builders and security firm officers. It almost looks like a Robocop film set.

I am now North of the East India Dock Road. The whole section from A13 to A12 has been revamped with the new buildings along the main road.

I am now following the River Lea by the Bow Creek area at a distance as there is no access to it. Vast new development called Aberfeldy Village under construction (see previous post about Leaway) I cannot see the building site from that side of the river but I can witness the new elevations. Same as Hackney Wick, Silvertown, etc...

I am approaching the A12 and there is a medley of scripts. One area by the A12 must have been annexed by some locals for allotments. One large plot where must-be concept boarded-up low rise studios is abandoned and rotting away. An industrial estate has vanished and new luxury apartments are coming.

I am crossing the A12 and am walking toward Langdon Park station. The atmosphere is more settle on that side. Older council estates are still standing with Balfron Tower in the distance. There is a sense of community I can feel and some old landmarks are kept and maintained which is refreshing. 

I am entering Langdon Park and there is a lot of activity. It's buzzing with young creatives, schools, students, asian and muslim communities, middle-aged men doing their gym bare chest outdoor with free apparatus at disposal, dog walkers, teenagers, etc...The decor looks un-natural and too futuristic to my taste. The digital world dogma seems to fit perfectly here but that doesn't seem to bother the locals who still interact with each other.