Monday, November 15, 2021


My last walk in the Olympic Park (sorry for still calling it this way) starts from Drapers Field Recreation Ground in Leyton on this November morning. This map above shows my loop walk from and to Leyton tube station (dots), recent areas where constructions are completed (yellow), new areas under constructions (pink) and finally forthcoming areas to be invested (blue)

West view from Drapers Field towards the Chobam Academy with new Insignia Point towers in the background. I also wanted to post this image to remind me of the East-End Scores show at the Cass School. This little artificial green mound was the main subject on the official poster. 

North End facades on newly built Chobam Manor quarter between Honour Lea Avenue and Abercrombie Road.

Few images standing from Velopark bike trail looking West.

Above, inside Chobam Manor district on Villiers Gardens.
Below, some insight on the vibe of the hood!

Few evident signs of new residents willing to embrace new energies.

Tumbling Bay Playground has a few new eyes spying from above.

This path below isn't new but I really liked the light so I took a picture. This area is located between the Velodrome and Waterden Road which goes all the way from Westfield if you want, to the A12. Basically, it shapes as a large rectangle. This section is the only part of green surface left in the Olympic part since the project started. I am not including here the canal paths which are accesses only. This last area might also vanish altogether in the years to come. You then will have to go to the Hackney Marshes to enjoy some "nature".

Symbols and signs of our times.

I have the feeling that this dry cleaner was located in Bow as the Games approached.

Above, back street North End of new Chobam Manor district.
Below, new building site across the road facing the Academy.

Brand new slick East Village by Insignia Point.

Art installations apparently. Well suited to its environment anyway.

Manhattan Loft Gardens North side of Westfield. View from East Village.

View towards East with new wavy dark Hilton building on the left.

New signs of belonging...

Looking West at Amelia and Zinnia Mansions.

New building site in waiting between Penny Brookes St and International Way.

Grey view facing South between existing East Village (right) and New Garden Quarter (left)

Vast new playground area under construction alongside Prospect Row.

Inside the New Garden Quarter.

Half of the warehouses on Thornham Grove will be gone soon.

I wanted to finish this month's post with this picture above on Leyton Rd. This illustration in the middle is a relic of what was before a very vivid and long illustrative wall of local sport aspirations, but also a wall of shame. It was created few years before the Olympics in order to create a sense of local stamina and pride. But it also was a flashy way to divert attention from another reality happening behind its walls. This young man seems to be wary of something but in fact if you know the original illustration, which is three times wider, you then understand that he is actually a boxer practising his sport. Funny how time reveals truth...


Monday, November 8, 2021


So made my way back to Pudding Mill Lane station and walked towards Westfield. I am planning to investigate the central part of the Park between Sidings St (South) and Here East (North)

You have this new open book bi-building which might be residential. I am posting right below a picture from previous project titled "Living on a higher level" because it is sharing the same point of view. This picture was taken in Summer 2016.

I am now entering Westfield Avenue. This is the bit between the Olympic sites (stadium and pool) and the shopping mall. This area looks now from another place.

In the background is the other park of UCL under construction between Overground line and Waterworks River.

On the rook of a new wooden structure right in the middle of Endeavour Square where you find a cafe restaurant place called Haugen.

Walking down the roof of Haugen and making my way towards John Lewis I am being stopped by a security officer (again) He is telling me that this area is private and that pictures cannot be taken. Well "you can take pics with your mobile but not with a camera" - no comment. He was young, acting like a robot and that really annoyed me. I was upset, not because of the stupid regulations because they are so many nowadays, but I was upset to see such a young person acting acting without any human dimension that it frightened me.

The dark of midday on Westfield Avenue (similar to new Canning Town)

Workers chilling, checking, hiding, ...who knows?

Walking towards Here East and passing by Copper Box.

New venue Hackney Bridge. Few independent shops open but still very much under realisation.

By Here East compound but I am walking around. Not really interested to take pictures inside and wardens are everywhere.

New buildings next to Here East. New old nothing.

The big letter R.U.N by Copper Box under repair of protection?

Something I wanted to highlight with this picture is the enormous amount of CCTV's set all around the Park. Every single corner is covered by them. We are used to have a lot in UK but we are usually thinking of key areas, busy environments, transports, dodgy corners etc...but here we are in the open, it's a park, and everywhere we are being watched from every angle. This is scary!

View from where Marshgate Lane passes over Carpenter Rd.

Old sign.

New features along the canals next to Stadium.

Some propaganda adverts on Marshgate Lane heading South.

The Hammers Bell in the distance.

The new flashy East Bank where the second part of UCL is taking shape along the river.

Parked ducks.

Ending my day in the forbidden zone of Endeavour Square. Right behind me was another photographer being stopped with his tripod. I took that opportunity to take another shot!