Thursday, March 11, 2021


I am back, and sorry for that long break! Looking at the previous blog I created it seems like it has been 18 months since my last post. The project has been left aside for some time for various reasons. Firstly, after our last show at the Cass School I felt a bit deflated and needed to step back from the project both as a curator and photographer. I am still very proud of the show though. I then focused my attention a bit more towards the commercial work as a little boy called Viggo came into our lives. And then Covid-19 struck and suddenly the very little time I had for my projects vanished. As a consequence the continuum has turned into a vacuum! Now is the time to reignite the project as the kids are back to school. This break has also been somehow beneficial as it has let the urban landscape evolve without me having to photograph it. What I mean is that I needed a break from that visual routine in order to come back stronger. What I noticed though whilst commuting around is that some parts of the East End haven't changed at all whereas others have drastically. So this time I will investigate only in some very specific areas instead of trying to roam in every corner of the East End. I am giving myself until the end of Spring 2022 in order to finish the project as a whole. Which could be the perfect opportunity to produce something special in order to celebrate a decade since the London Olympics. But enough of that, first I am going to get my gear ready, get my shoes and go out there.

Note: I am no expert in digital technology and I wish I could have kept feeding my first blog created 11 years ago. Sadly it seems impossible to access it and consequently I had to create this new one.

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